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Beretta92FS Compact Inox9mm$749.99
BerettaM99mm$849.99Special Edition
Comes with Army belt, Holster, and Mag carrier
CanikTP9SF Elite9mm$479.99Comes with range kit: hard locking case, holster, one mag, mag loader and interchangeable backstrap.
Charter ArmsPathfinder.22 LR$422.99
Charter ArmsOld Glory.38 Spl$459.99
Charter ArmsMag Pug.357 Magnum$411.99Blued
Charter ArmsOff Duty.38 Spl$409.99Hammerless
ColtDerringer (x2).22 Short$899.99Set of TWO - single shot, side break
Glock199mm$549.99Pre owned, Gen 2
Glock22.40 S&W$399.99Gen 2, pre owned
No Mag
Glock35.40 S&W$574.99Gen 2, pre-owned.
Glock179mm$524.99Gen 2, pre-owned
Heckler & KochVP99mm$625.99Black
Heckler & KochVP99mm$549.99Pre-Owned
Heckler & KochUSP 40 C40 S&W$424.99Pre-Owned, comes with factory box, 2 magazines
JP Sauer & Sohn193032 ACP$424.99
Rock Island ArmoryM1911 A1 .45 ACP$479.993.5" barrel,
Pre-Owned comes with extra mags and factory case
Rock Island ArmoryM1911 A1 .45 ACP$479.99Full Size
Rock Island ArmoryM1911 A1 .45 ACP$499.993.5" barrel
Rock Island ArmoryM1911 A2.45 ACP$549.99Double Stack!
5" Barrel
RugerLC9s Hi Viz9mm$439.99Hi Viz fiber optic sights. Green front, red rear.
Ruger LCR 9mm$559.99
Ruger Mark IV Hunter.22 LR$699.99
Ruger 22/45.22 LR$299.99Pre-Owned
Comes with 4 mags total
Ruger SR22 .22 LR$439.993.5" barrel
American Flag Edition
Ruger SP101357 Magnum$624.992.25" barrel, hammerless
Ruger SR1911 Night Watchman45 ACP$999.99
Sig SauerP220 German.45 ACP$949.99Pre-Owned
Comes with factory, 7 Magazines and an upgraded guide rod
Sig SauerP938 Edge9mm$674.99Night sights, One flush fit mag
Sig Sauer1911 Emperor Scorpion45 ACP$1049.99Night sights
Sig SauerP238.380 ACP$599.99Two Tone
Smith & Wesson442.38 Spl$469.99
Smith & WessonBodyguard.380$374.99NO LASER
Smith & WessonBodyguard.380$374.99FDE
Smith & WessonBodyguard.380$429.99With Laser
Smith & WessonBodyguard Revolver.38 Spl$499.99Built in CT laser
Smith & WessonChief's Special (36).38 Spl$699.99
Smith & WessonChief's Special (36).38 Spl$599.99Pre-owned, original Model 36 (NO DASH)
Comes with a Paddle Holster
Smith & WessonGovernor .410/.45 LC/.45 ACP$699.99Pre-owned
Crimson Trace Front Activation
Smith & WessonM&P Shield 2.09mm$442.99No safety
Smith & WessonM&P Shield 2.09mm$442.99Manual safety
Smith & WessonM&P Shield 2.0 CT9mm$499.99Manual safety, Built in Crimson Trace Laser
Smith & WessonSD9VE9mm$379.99
Smith & WessonM&P Shield 2.0.45 ACP$462.99Manual Safety
Smith & Wesson327 PC (R8)357 Magnum$1189.998-shot, scandium alloy with rails!
Smith & Wesson1911 E Series.45 ACP$849.99Stainless, no rail.
Smith & WessonSW1911 Pro Series.45 ACP$1.099.99Defender Size, No rail
Smith & Wesson27 Classic.357 Mag$949.99
Springfield ArmoryXDS Mod 29mm$559.99
Springfield ArmoryXDE9mm$529.99Hi-Viz front sight, External Hammer
Springfield ArmoryXDS Mod 2.45 ACP$539.99
WaltherPK380 Angel Blue.380$449.99


BerettaCX4 Storm9mm$499.99Pre owned
Great Condition
Century ArmsC308308 Win$729.99Two 20 Round preban Magazines
EAAAppeal.22 LR$464.99
FNScar 16s5.56 NATO$2,999.99Comes with one Preban 30 Rounder
Feather IndustriesAT-99mm$1,249.99Pre-94, comes with (3) 25 Round mags
JC ArmsFMG5.56$949.99Complete rifle, Built to Order
HenryH01045-70 Govt$749.99
HenryH012MAW357 mag/38 Spl$899.99
HenryPump Action.22 LR$499.99
Hi Point109510mm$399.99
Hi Point9959mm$363.004x32 Optic
Hi Point4595.45 ACP$389.99Woodland Camo
IsraelFAL7.62 NATO$3,500Consignment gun, pre owned.
Kel TecSub 20009mm$569.99OD Green
Takes G17
Kel TecSub 20009mm$549.99Takes Beretta 92/M9 9mm magazines
Kel TecSub 20009mm$549.99Takes Glock 17 magazines
Kel TecSU-165.56 NATO$649.99Takes AR mags
Kel TecRDB5.56mm$999.99
MarlinModel 60.22 LR$209.99
NorincoHunter7.62x39$999.992 Preban 30 rounders Inlcuded
Takes AK pattern Mags
Marlin1894CST.38 spl/.357 mag$999.99Polished Stainless, Gray Stock, Optic rail
Marlin1894G45/70 GOV'T$674.99Blued, Paired with Sling
RemingtonWoodsmaster 740.30-06$499.99Pre owned, Magazine fed
Weaver Scope included
RemingtonWoodsmaster 783.270 Win$474.99Pre owned
Paired with 6-24x50 illuminated optic and Bipod
Savage Axis XP30-06$409.993-9x40 Weaver Scope
UbertiPump Action Rifle.357 MAG$1850Consignment gun, pre owned.
Winchester63.22 LR$674.99Consignment gun, pre owned.
WinchesterModel 77mm-08$684.99Consignment gun,
Pre Owned
Vulcan Arms V50SS50 BMG$1,449.99Single Shot
Comes with Bipod and sling

RossiCircuit Judge45 LC/.410 Gauge$649.99Blued, with HiViz sights


BrowningA512ga$900Pre owned, Belgium made, excellent condition!
BrowningA512ga$399.99Pre owned
Mossberg50012ga$450Pre owned goose gun on consignment 36” barrel good condition
Comes with case and choke set!
Mossberg500 Scorpion12ga$549.99
Mossberg500 Chainsaw12ga$499.99
MossbergMaverick 88 Top Fold12ga$299.99Top folding stock
MossbergMaverick 8812ga$299.99Pistol grip and shoulder stock
RossiTuffy.410 Gauge$149.99

*All firearms are new unless otherwise specified. Price reflects a 3% discount for cash.

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